The 8 Best Bookkeeping Software Options For Small Businesses

These activities improved business operations and culture, leading to a successful $25 million capital raise. She also served as an internal coach to the executive leadership team through significant growth and high-stress situations. She is certified by both the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) and the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). Once set up, […]

How Purchase Orders Work How This Important Document Helps Businesses.

On the other hand, a BPO is an agreement between a buyer and a supplier to provide goods or services over a specific time period, usually at a predetermined price. BPOs are often used for recurring purchases or when the exact quantity required is unknown. They provide more flexibility compared to standard purchase orders, as […]

What is a long-term liability?

You can also see from this what your ability is to pay the current liabilities on time. This is because you will not be looking at huge debt upfront but only what’s coming up due. Long-term liabilities are a company’s financial obligations that are due more than one year in the future. Long-term liabilities are […]

How Dividends Affect Stock Prices With Examples

It has a “B” financial rating from Morningstar, and it’s grown EPS at 16.2% per year over the last five years. Analysts expect the company to grow EPS by 9.0% per year over the next five years. That is the lowest expected growth rate on this list, but it is still above the median expected […]

Fully Depreciated Asset: Definition, How It Happens, and Example

If an impairment charge equal to the asset’s cost is incurred, then the asset is immediately fully depreciated. An asset can reach full depreciation when its useful life expires or if an impairment charge is incurred against the original cost, though this is less common. If a company takes a full impairment charge against the […]

CP2000 Response Letter Sample

If you have been notified of an imminent wage garnishment by the IRS, do not wait for it to happen because it will. Preventing a wage garnishment is much more difficult than having one reversed. However, our knowledge and expertise allows us provide solutions to taxpayers who find themselves in either situation. We will review […]

Cash Payment or Cash Disbursement Journal Calculation

The liability can be the accounts payable, tax payable, accrued, and other long-term debt. The assets account can be inventory, fixed assets, and other assets depending on the nature of the purchase. When the company makes cash disbursement, they have to record cash outflow. The other side of the recording will depend on the nature […]

Columbus OH Accounting Firm Whitehall CPA

We offer accounting and bookkeeping services for a variety of companies. With our accounting and bookkeeping services, you’ll have the knowledge to make smart, strategic decisions to grow your business. We specialize in Non-Profit accounting needs and ensure professional service for the not-for-profit realm of businesses. They are all standout Columbus, Ohio accounting firms, offering […]