From Raw Materials to Finished Excellence, Every Thread Tells Our Story of Expert Craftsmanship.

Production Capacity

Our Production capacity is 300 tons per month, These goods are primarily high value added items. The company is constantly striving to enhance it’s production capacity. To meet and exceed current market demands.

Product Development

We believe constant R&D and high quality yarn and fabric are the most crucial element in manufacturing superior terry products. We employ an R&D team of engineers to constantly follow the latest developments in the world of textiles. Track trends at leading international fairs and propose an expanding archive of alternate fabrics to clients.

Warping Department

Our in-house Warping facility combines skill and technology to achieve exceptional results. It's where we meticulously prepare and arrange the threads, ensuring they are perfectly positioned for our state-of-the-art looms. This process is not just about precision; it's about securing the required strengths on the looms and avoiding weaving errors.

Weaving Department

Our Weaving Department stands as a testament to our innovation and capacity. Boasting a remarkable monthly production capacity of 300,000 kilograms, Our weaving department hosts cutting-edge technology that includes 20 Vamatex Silver Terry Looms with Jacquard and 6 Air Jet Looms to ensure the highest quality textiles while maintaining a steadfast commitment to sustainable practices.

Dyeing & Processing

We use modern & well equipped machinery for dyeing and finishing of our product. With a vision to become no 1 in the country, 5 MCS Dyeing Machines with a combined production capacity of 300 Tons/Month. Equipped with a Biancalani Tumble Dryer designed to provide a soft and enhanced hand feel. These machines besides giving top of the line quality are also eco friendly by consuming less water + less energy.

Cutting & Stitching

Our sewing department uses high-end sewing machines to guarantee maximum yield and accuracy. We have automatic length hemming and semi- auto length hemming, and semi – auto locking machines to achieve best finishing on towels Operating as a quality focused manufacturer for more than 20 years, New Zeenat Textile Mills is recognized for its impeccable workmanship with every complex design on computerized machines. We are proud to promise our clients tailor made end products even if this involves more labor intensive work.

The Quality

Our Quality Assurance system consists of several thorough stages: Raw yarn, woven fabric, inspection followed by dyed fabric examination, fabric spreading & cutting inspection, pre sewing assembly and final inspection by a team of qualified quality control experts. All staged are carried out in-house to guarantee complete oversight and control over pre-shipped products.